Human Resources

We have a committed student staff team dedicated to keeping the Mills Center open from 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and to answering the many questions about traveling abroad, the Mills Center’s resources and programs, and UO resources in general. By keeping the Mills Center open during this period, the staff provides a venue for many campus organizations to meet and hold events. The staff also puts on programs sponsored by the Mills Center and develops the publicity for them. They also keep the Mills Center website up to date, the computers functional, and troubleshoot all the Mills Center’s in-house technical equipment. They develop collaborative projects with other campus groups to maximize resources and exposure.

Lending Library

The Mills Center houses many collections of travel guides, travel narratives, international cookbooks, dictionaries in various languages, maps and atlases, and international newspapers and magazines. All resources can be checked out for free.


There is no doubt that we have some of the comfiest couches on campus. There are many to pick from, and they are perfect for studying, hanging out with friends, or just sitting on — although there is no guarantee that you won’t fall asleep!

Computers and TV

The Mills Center houses several computers, which provide access to the Internet, and that are enabled for use in languages from around the globe. There is also a flat-screen TV with DVD and VCR systems available for individuals and small groups to use, as well as for use by organizations hosting events.

Program Resources

The Mills Center puts on events such as Language Circles and Game Nights, as well as special events as the occasions arise. The latter are sometimes co-hosted by the Mills Center with other organizations, with the Mills Center providing limited support for such things as publicity materials, live music, EMU set-up with special equipment, or guest speakers.