World Lounge

Mills Application and Position Description




Mills International Center is a meeting place for the world for international and U.S. students and community members. We are a resource library, an event space, and a lounge space for students to come hang out, meet new people, relax, and study. Our resource library includes travel guides from all over the world, magazines in different languages, international cookbooks, international music, and games. We have events such as World Poetry Night, Game Nights, Chill in the Mills, and other intercultural-focused events. Our space is reservable by other groups for events such as student group meetings, receptions, and lectures.

Main responsibilities

  • Works at the front desk to welcome and assist all visitors, including answering questions about center and campus resources, answering emails and phone calls, and assisting during events.
  • Oversees daily use of the Mills Center including checking in/out resources to visitors, making recommendations of resources to visitors, making sure the center always looks clean and presentable
  • Oversees use of the Mills Center for events including set up and take down, and use of the Audio Visual (AV) system
  • Potential for assisting managers with projects ranging from resource organization, event planning, social media, and training.


Having a desire to learn and being self-motivated are the most important qualifications for this position. A successful candidate is one who seeks opportunities to learn about other cultures and develop their workplace professionalism.

Work Study preferred but not required. Must be available for 2017-2018 academic year to be considered. Summer availability is optional.

Additional qualifications desired

  • Self-motivated and attentive to detail
  • Interest in or a general knowledge of the Mills International Center
  • Ability to build relationships and work collaboratively with individuals and groups from different backgrounds
  • Ability to respectfully engage in and contribute to an environment in which diverse viewpoints and experiences are encouraged and valued.
  • There are opportunities for advancement to student manager positions, including in event planning, graphic design, team leadership, public relations, videography, social media, art exhibit management, and office management.

Application instructions

Please Note: We are hiring 3-4 people to start Fall term 2016, and 3-4 people to start Winter term 2017. Please indicate on the application whether you can start Fall term 2016 or Winter term 2017, or mark both start dates if you are able to start at either date.

To Apply: Submit an application, cover letter, and resume to the Mills International Center (see below for location and contact information). It is preferred that you bring the application materials to the Mills Center, though email submissions are accepted.

Applications are due MONDAY, OCTOBER 3 by 5pm.

Office Location & Contact: Mezzanine Level above the Duck Store in the Erb Memorial Union, open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Phone: 541-346-0887

ACCESSIBILITY: Please contact Sonja Rasmussen to discuss accessibility and accommodations: or 541-346-0885.