About Us

The Mills International Center is a place for everyone. All UO students – both international and US American – are welcome!

We are a lounge, resource center, study area, and events venue. There is no doubt that we have some of the comfiest couches on campus. There are many to pick from, and they are perfect for studying, hanging out with friends, or just sitting on (although there are no guarantees that you won’t fall asleep!). If you are seeking reference materials, or just a fun travel book, international magazine, or CD, we have a great lending library. The Mills Center is never a dull place to be because it is a popular place for holding events. Some examples of past events are art exhibitions, movie nights, and study abroad information sessions. There are some regular events as well, such as Language Circles (a great way to practice speaking foreign languages), Game Nights, Chill In The Mills, and more. Mills Center is also a great place to make new friends from all over the world.

No matter what you may be looking for, the Mills International Center has something to offer you.

Mission Statement

As a catalyst for international experiences, we provide guidance, information, and programming to promote global understanding. The Mills Center integrates its resources with our international and local university communities through active, creative, informative and supportive partnerships and events.

Values Statement

The Mills Center values all peoples of the world, both as individuals and in the community. We encourage individuals to explore the world and thus learn more about themselves and others. In creating this meeting place for the world we are establishing an atmosphere of mutual respect, communication, and international understanding which celebrates a dynamic global perspective.


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